Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Argentina 3-0 Brazil

In a landslide victory, Argentina has thrashed Brazil in the 2008 Beijing Olympic football semifinals, with a 3-0 victory.  The win came after Sergio 'El Kun' Aguero scored two second half goals, and sealing the deal with a penalty shot to shoot Argentina into the Olympics football finals against Nigeria on Saturday.

'This was like a final for us,' said Aguero. 'Beating Brazil is the best thing.' 

However the shock of the match was Brazil's approach.  In an unconventional move, they chose to play two of their best midfielders in man-marking roles: Anderson was placed in the role of covering Messi, and Lucas was in a similar position having to mark Riquelme.

Regardless of this strange tactic, Brazil refused to accept any responsibility for it possibly contributing to their loss.  The move was further emphasized by two red cards late in the match, which left the team highly vulnerable to Argentina's attack.

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